Ou mountains koriyama
Ōu is a region surrounding a town of the same name. Ōu used to be a part of Akakabuto's area, but is now under reign of Weed and his comrades. Before him, it was Gin's area.

Ōu is generally considered a dog's paradise. It is quite peaceful, but it's famous landmark, Gajō has been the lair of a few enemies including Akakabuto, P4, Hougen and now Monsoon.

History Edit

The Ōu Mountains (奥羽山脈 ,Ōu-sanmyaku) are a real mountain range in the Tōhoku region of Honshū, Japan. The range is the longest range in Japan and stretch 500 km (311 mi) south from the Natsudomari Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture to the Nasu volcanoes at the northern boundary of the Kantō region. Though long, the range is only about 35 kilometres (22 mi) wide. The highest point in the range is Mount Iwate, 2,038 metres (6,690 ft).

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