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The Ōu Army is a large pack of wild dogs in the Ōu mountains and Gajou. The leader is known as the supreme commander and has control over those areas.

Ōu was originally founded by Riki, who later passed the title to his son Gin. Later on, Gin passed his leadership to his own so, Weed, the third and current leader.

Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit

The Ōu Army was founded by Riki out of his hatred towards Akakabuto, a monstrous bear who began terrorizing the peace in the mountains.

Ōu Army in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

The pack initially had about 70 dogs, divided into 12 platoons of former hunting and pet dogs. To fight against Akakabuto and the bear's army, Riki sent out his platoons to gather more fighters from all across Japan.

By the start of the final battle, the Ōu Army consisted of 1,800 dogs, though only 750 of them survived to face Akakabuto.

As Riki dies from his wounds during the fight, he passes on the leadership of Ou to Gin, urging him to finish the battle.

After Akakabuto was defeated, most fighters who survived returned to their homes, though many also stayed as loyal allies and members of the Ōu Army.

During the Wolf Arc, Ōu had at least 700 soldiers.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Most of the Ōu fighters and heir children settled in the mountains of Ōu, ready to fight if needed.
Weed and friends coloured2

Ōu Army in Ginga Densetsu Weed

Hōgen ArcEdit

After humans attacked Ōu, only about 15 dogs were left. They gathered more soldiers with Weed in charge, in hope of rescuing Gin who was a prisoner of Hōgen and to prevent Hōgen from becoming the ruler of Japan.
Weed gathered 72 soldiers to fight Hōgen, which later increased to 100 with the help of Moss. After Gin escaped, he gathered an army of 500 pet dogs. Later, Hōgen's platoon leaders Buruge, Batto and Kite joined Ōu army, leaving Hōgen alone against an army of around 1000-1050 dogs.
Hōgen was eventually defeated by Weed alone and again many soldiers returned back to their home areas.

Ginga: The Last WarsEdit

Monsoon, the son of Akakabuto, has returned to reclaim his fathers territory. Along with his kin, he attacks the unsuspecting army and badly injured Weed. As of chapter 19, the entire Army is badly injured and unable to fight, some have been killed. Paradise falls and Monsoon claims the land as his own.

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