Anju Sawamura is the granddaughter of a old gold prospector, Yoshito Sawamura and lived with him in a village in Ou. 

Specially, she became a closet friend with Jirōmaru from this the name of the series.

She is one of the main characters in Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jiromaru.

Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jiromaru

Anju's parents died in a car accident when she was still very young, when she had her uncle Shinjiro over to the family. Anju neglected and beaten constantly, because the family considered her as a mere nuisance. Fortunately, her grandfather came one night by his dog Yuki to get her.

From then on, Anju, much better conditions and she was very happy while living in her grandfather, Yuki and four puppies. Anju especially liked the Jirōmaru. One day, however happens to grandfather and Yuki accident in search for gold in the mountains. The night when Anju and puppies are waiting concerned about their return. Grandpa and Yuki did not return the following day to try and Anju herself to take care of themselves and their pups. The next morning, fatally damaged Yuki hobble home. The scene become a postman trying to help Yuki, together with Anju, but the dog dies. Jirōmaru and the postman will find the mountains Anjun grandfather's body. The postman trying to calm Anju, who cries grandfather and Yuki's loss. At night, Anju burial Yuki's house courtyard.

Shinjiro drive, and force Anju view. He crams puppies and leave them in the courtyard. 

Anju participate in the funeral rites of her grandfather with her uncle's family, and then gets back to her uncle's house. Anju longs Jirōmaru arrives and suddenly the scene: he was followed and searched the girl all the way up to the home. They escape together and get help Seisaburō and Rumi Sato.

Anju and Jirōmaru with Seisaburō ride back home. They go together to the place where her grandfather's accident occurred. They will find a large amount of gold, and at the same time Shinjiro shows up with a gun, apparently gold for himself. Shinjiro enraged and pull the trigger. Jirōmaru jump between to protect Anju and Seisaburō and take the bullets. The puppy will soon die from his injuries. Anju cries inconsolably and hugs her dead friend.

After this, the story jumped forward 19 years. Anju has grown up and is doing well. She greet Tarōmaru, Koyuki and Saburōmaru, as well as a statue erected in memory of Jirōmaru.