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Asukari (アスカリ)


White Wolf/German Shepherd mix
First appearance
Fang vol 1, chpt 1
Last appearance
Fang vol 2, chpt 9
Family or owners
The White Wolf (father), Lobo (mother)
Meaning of Name
Warrior (in Swahili)

Asukari is the son of The White Wolf and Lobo. When his mother is killed by a criminal, Asukari, being half-wolf, trains with his owner to find the culprit. Near the end of the story, he finds the assassin of his mother and attacks him. The man drops his gun in the fight and tries to escape. However, he walks on the gun by accident and shoots himself. Asukari finally gets his vengeance.

Note: The proper Swahili word is supposed to be spelled "asikari".

See more pictures in Asukari (Photo Gallery).

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