Bess was a younger friend of the rogue dog, Rokusuke. He was kind of a minion of the other dog.


Bess is quite a perverted dog. According to his own words, he loves to rub breasts.

He isn't really a bad guy, it seems, just a dumb and comical pervert. He often gets hit by Rokusuke after saying something stupid.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Bess lives with Rokusuke somewhere in southern Honshuu.

They meet and start to harass Cross. Unfortunate for them, they get attacked and beaten by Oliver, becoming his minions and starting to help the Ouu army.

They tricked Kisaragi's forces and later helped to find a way into the Underworld in Hokkaido.

Photo Gallery

See more pictures in Bess/Gallery

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