Bighorn was one of Gaia’s eight canine warriors of darkness.

He was a Geki warrior and unusually large for a wolf.

Ginga Nagareoboshi Gin

Bighorn was trained by Juga to be a a canine warrior of Sirius. Just like the other eight warriors of Gaia, he believed he was a true canine warrior.

He awaits Gin's groups arrival with Black Snake. He challenges the Geki warrior Ben to prove himself to be the true warrior.

Ben was stronger than him (despite being smaller) and gave him a chance to live. He told the wolf not to use the title of the Geki warrior anymore, since he believed that Mukonga was the true Geki warrior.

However, Bighorn didn't listen to him and tried to attack the Great Dane from behind, claiming to be the true warrior. Angered, Ben killed him with one blow.


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