Black Satan


Doberman Pinscher
Kuroi Gundan
First Appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato vol 3
Last Appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato vol 3
Deceased (killed by Yamato)
Family or owners
Akio (owner)

Black Satan is a Doberman that leads a group of black dogs called Kuroi Gundan against White Wolf's pack.

He is a dangerous wild dog who attacks humans, but two years ago he belonged to a poor man called Akio. After the man died from illness, Black Satan dug up his body and left for the mountains. He guarded his master's skeleton very fiercely and he fights both Yamato and Jumbo. Yamato rips Black Satan's throat open and the Doberman dies beside his master.

See More Pictures in Black Satan (Photo Gallery).

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