Bomb is the black and white dog from Joe's hunting pack.


Bomb is the black and white dog with long ears and white circles on his forehead


Bomb is loyal and helpful to his owner and Joe and he understands his leader when Joe leaves to live the Ohu army.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

He's a hunting dog, owned by Niimiya. He lives together with Joe, Guilder, and Jack. One day in the forest, Bomb meets Joe's brother, Weed, along with the rest of his pack mates. Together they scare off a bear threatening to kill them.

Later, Bomb and his pack mates are out to find a bear that has attacked a human. As they climb a rocky ledge of a mountain, they are bombarded with rocks. The bear is waiting on top of the cliff, pushing rocks down at them. His leader, Joe, is seriously wounded by the bear. As he and his owner Niimiya looks for him, Bomb finds him together with Weed.

After a fight with the Hybrid Bear, Bomb brings the wounded saluki-mix, George, to his master's home for healing. As his owner sees the wounded dog, he knows something is up. He grabs his rifle and together with Bomb, they drive to the battleground of Weed's pack, Joe's pack and the Hybrid bear. After the battle with the hybrid bears is over, guides Koshiro to where Lydia and the others were to bear the bad news of Jerome's and Weed's 'demise'.

After the death of the Hybrid bear, Bomb and Joe stand alone as the only survivers of their pack. Afterwards, Bomb stays with his owner Ninomiya, while his leader joins Weed's pack.


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