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Bozlev (ボズレフ)


German Shepherd
Russian Army Dogs
First appearence
GDW volume 41 chpt 2
Last appearence
GDW volume 47 chpt 3
Deceased (Killed by Jaguar)
Family or owners
Victor (brother)
Sakhalin islands, Russia

Bozlev is the younger brother of Victor. He is a lieutenant of the Russian army dogs and later a lieutenant colonel.

Like his older brother, Bozlev is cunning and manipulative. He is not afraid to let his soldiers die in battle and obeys his brother's every command, even if he does not agree with him.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

When Bozlev arrives at Hokkaido, he meets Maxim who takes him to Victor. While Maxim is sent out to find the Ouu Army’s base, Bozlev stays with Victor coming up with their plans to get rid of him. After Maxim was betrayed and rescued by Akame, the scheming Bozlev, Victor and Aram had Maxim's remaining pack slaughtered before anyone could look for him.

When Victor traps Gin's group in a gorge, Bozlev is set to guard the end of the gorge, while Victor himself guards the front. Later, when the pack of young dogs led by Tesshin, Moss and Kurotora try to escape from the gorge, Bozlev had set his pack on Moss and one of the Teru's junior ninja dogs who remained behind to fight back (while the young dogs escaped, but failed as they went back for Moss) which resulted in killing the old mastiff.

Later on that rainy evening, the Ohu army tried to fight at two sides of the gorge, the fight was long and hard that they had some casualties such as Buruge and several Russian army dogs. During the fight, Jaguar demands to know who killed his father, and keeps trying to reach Bozlev. Musashi throws himself into the shepherd, knocking him into Jaguar's reach. As Jaguar grabs Bozlev by the throat, the colonel orders his troops to kill Jaguar before any damage is done, but before they can get an attack in, Jaguar throws himself upwards, slamming Bozlev's head into the walls of the gorge, cracking open his head and killing him instantly along with the soldiers who were gripping Jaguar.

See more pictures in Bozlev (Photo Gallery).

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