Burai (無頼)


First appearence
Shiroi Senshi Yamato vol 14
Last appearence
Shiroi Senshi Yamato vol 14
Family or owners
Taki (owner), Musashi, two pups (nephews), Seiran (sister)
Place of Birth
Aomori prefecture

Burai is a Tosa belongs to Taki. He trained Burai in an agility-type style, so he would be swift and agile in battle. In the official tournament he fights against Yamato.

However, the match is suspended, as a young boy tries to kill Burai with a knife in retaliation for what the dog did her sister at the time the race.

Incidents are resolved, and the match is set to restart. When the rematch happens, Yamato beats Burai. He is the older brother of Seiran and uncle of Musashi.

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