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Byakko (白虎)


Siberian Husky
First appearance
GDW vol 37, chpt 1
Last appearance
GDW vol 39, chpt 1
Deceased (Killed by Maxim)
Family or owners
Hakurō (father), Seiryū, Suzaku, Genbu (brothers), Suzaku's Puppies (nephews)
Meaning of Name
White Tiger (a chinese God)
Place of Birth
Kitami, Hokkaidō

Byakko is the second oldest son of Hakurō


He resembles Hakurō's anime design.

In manga, He is brown and white Siberian Husky with black streaks under the eyes and has light blue eyes.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Together with his brothers, Byakko discovers the German Shepherd, Jerome when he enters Hokkaidō. They take him to their father, where they discuss the threat of Victor, who has entered Hokkaidō as well. Shortly after Jerome has left, Byakko and his brothers bump into him again. This time, Jerome is seriously wounded after a fight with Victor.

Byakko takes Jerome to the Collie, Ram, where he can stay in safety until his wounds has healed. Byakko then return to their father to plan an attack on Victor’s pack to remove him from their island. However, they get ambushed during their planning, where Victor’s pack attack with full force. Byakko gets killed by Maxim during the fight.

See more pictures in Byakko (Photo Gallery).

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