FANG cover

Akira Itō
No information
Original Run
9 June 1998 – 9 February 1999


Askari is the son of a white wolf and a german shepherd named Lobo. When Askari was a pup, The General's men attacked his home, killed his mother and shot his right eye out. To get revenge, he and his owner became military soldiers and investigators. Even though they got many assignments, they kept trying to find the man responsible for the death of Askari's mother. What they didn't know was that the boss of Askari's owner is the very same man they're looking for. After a close encounter with him during a mission, they both realise that he's the man they're looking for. They chase him for weeks and finally meet him face-to-face. Askari jumps to kill him, but he doesn't succed. As the villain is crawling through the grass to get to his gun, he falls upon his gun and accidentally pulls the trigger. He dies instantly and Askari has finally gotten his revenge and can now return to his life as a professional military dog.

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