The night before the battle, Gin and Smith come face to face with Riki, who tells them to be careful tomorrow. The dogs begin to attack the bears, Hyena hides in the trees while all the other dogs move on. Riki tells Ben to stay behind with cross and the pups but goes anyway. Meanwhile the dogs have reached the bears and are attacking, Smith gets hurt really badly. Ben walks through the woods and goes blind again, however he moves on. Ben sees a cliff but loses his sight again, however he jumps and makes it. As he gets up he is attacked by Sniper, Hyena, still hiding, watches fearfully from the trees, Ben is able to grab Sniper with his teeth and throws both him and Sniper down the cliff. Hyena runs out of the trees yelling for Ben, he then tells himself to be a hero, even in the end, and jumps after ben and dies. Gin and the others defeat Madara and move on.

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  • In the manga, Hyena survied the fall and distracted sniper so Ben could get away, but was killed in the process. In the anime Hyena simply jumped off the cliff to save Ben and was never seen or mentioned again.

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