This article is about Gin's mother. For Fubuki's predecessor, see Fuji (BHFG).

Fuji is Daisuke's family's dog and the mother of Gin and his siblings. She is a former bear hound and one of the mates of Riki.


In anime, she is light brown and white Akita Inu. She has brown eyes and nose. She wears brown collar.


She acts very caring and loving towards Gin and his two brothers.

Ginga Nagereboshi Gin

Fuji was a bear hound but later retired as she got pregnant.

When Gohē got lost, Fuji went with Daisuke's father to help look for him. Later, she lets Gin leave when he tells her about the wild pack of dogs fighting Akakabuto.

Although she is not seen later, she possibly died of old age.


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