Gama is a Kai-Ken ganin and main enemy of Kacchū no Senshi Gamu.



Kacchū no Senshi Gamu

He has killed his master and taken over his clan. His master has the ability to train ganins so Gama has a lot of them under his command. He keeps his true identity hidden for several years but is revealed when his minion, General Hayabusa questioned his control and attacks him. Gama then orders the murder of Hayabusa and feed him to the ravens of the area.

When Motegi Juushirou enters Gama’s area disguises as Takeda Shingen’s general, Yamamoto Kansuke, Gama blows his cover which the final fight between him and the Kagero clan begins. During the showdown, Gamu loses his weapon and gets sliced by Gama. However, when Gama is preparing to give the death blow, ravens fly in and peck his eyes. This gives Gamu the chance to grab Gama’s weapon and chop his head in two.


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