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Gin spends most of time with Daisuke in the early parts of the series, Gin seems to love him and cares for him, as does Daisuke.


At first, Riki doesn't remember Gin, but seems to like him for his strenth, later in the final battle, when Riki remembers, he treats Gin as his son, when he dies he tells Gin he did great.


Ben seems to like Gin, they get along well and Ben puts Gin in charge of the group later.


Cross and Gin have good relationship, they seem to be friends, Gin saves Cross from Benizakura at one point.


John and Gin appear as rivals at the beginning of the series, but later become friends.


Smith and Gin become friend quickly, they stay pretty close throughout the whole series.


Sniper doesn't like Gin, and Gin doesn't like Sniper. Sniper tries to kill Gin a couple times in the series.


At first, Hyena insults Gin often, however when Hyena is caught by everyone, Gin is the only one who feels bad for him.


Benizakura joins the pack because Gin beats him in a battle.

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