Guilder is one of the hunting dogs owned by Niimiya. He lives together with Joe, Bomb, Jack, and Kōshirō.



Ginga Densetsu Weed

One day in the forest, Guilder meets Joe's brother Weed along with the rest of his pack mates. Together they scare of a bear threatening to kill them.

Later, Guilder and his pack mates are out to find a bear that has attacked a human. As they climb a rocky ledge of a mountain, they are bombarded with rocks. The bear (Hybrid Grizzly Bear) is waiting on top of a cliff, pushing rocks down at them. His leader, Joe, is seriously wounded by the bear.

Later on in another fight, Weed's pack and Joe's pack battle Hybrid Bear. As Guilder enters into a fight with Jack when they try take down Hybrid bear, he is decapitated by the bear's razor-sharp claws.


See more pictures in Guilder/Gallery.

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