Henry The Third (ヘンリー三世)


Hizen pack (leader), Ouu army
First appearance
GNG vol 10, GNG ep 17
Last Appearance
GNG vol 13, GNG ep 21
Family or owners
Henry The Second (father), Henry The First (grandfather)
Place of Birth
Hizen Province

Henry The Third is the leader of a pack in Hizen Province, in the area of Saga and Nagasaki Prefect

Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit

Henry The Third is defeated by John and joins the Ouu army to fight against Akakabuto. As a sign of defeat, he licked John's paws.

Later, Henry warns the others about the dangerous Lord of Satsuma.

He is last seen being slashed by Mosa and getting taken away to safety by the Mutsu Generals. It's possible he died after this.

However in the anime, he can be seen in the background during the final battle against Akakabuto.

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