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This article is about the dog. For the human, see Hiromi (BH).
Hiromi (ヒロミ)


Siberian Husky
Ōu (Hakuro's pack)
First appearance
GDW vol 38 chpt 6
Last appearance
GDW vol 51 chpt 6
Family or owners
4 unnamed pups, Hakurō (father-in-law), Genbu, Seiryū, Byakko (brothers-in-law)
Meaning of Name
Speeding Beauty

Hiromi is Suzaku's mate and mother of four puppies


She's a red brown and white Siberian Husky.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Hiromi and her family have been evacuated from Hokkaido and get help from Gin after the Russian dogs' invasion. When they arrive, Suzaku wants to make sure his family stay safe and leaves them in the care of Kisaragi in Mutsu.

After Victor's defeat, Hiromi and her puppies were allowed to go home to Hokkaido with Suzaku.

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