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Honō (炎)


Kishu Inu
Kagerō Clan
First Appearance
Kacchū no Senshi Gamu; volume 1, chpt 3
Last Appearance
Kacchū no Senshi Gamu; volume 1, chpt 7
Deceased (killed by shotgun)
Family or Owners
Gamu (Son)
Name Meaning

Honō, Gamu 's mother, is the legendary leader of the Kagerō ganin. She first appears in a flashback when a young Belmondo is being chased by a group of ganin. Gamu tries to stop the group from harrassing the young wolf by removing the sword from Belmondo's paw and using it to attempt to attack the offending ganin.

Honō appears and takes the sword from Gamu's mouth, reprimanding him for wielding a sword without going through the ganin processing ceremony and the other ganin for behaving badly towards a child. She tells Belmondo to go back where he came from and to never show his face again.

Honō died trying to save Hayabusa, from some hunters.


"Each and every one of you! Though he may be a wolf, this is no way to behave towards a child!"
- Honō to his pack.Kacchū no Senshi Gamu vol 1 chpt 3

"My life is for everyone! It brings me satisfaction to be able to die for a friend!"
- Honō's last words to Hayabusa.Kacchū no Senshi Gamu vol 1 chpt 7

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