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Hook (フック)


Labrador Retriever Mix (possibly part Dalmatian)
Blue's group (formerly), Hōgen's group (formerly), Ōu
First appearance
GDW vol 1 chpt 5, GDW ep 2
Last appearance
GDW ep 26
Family or owners
Kuro (brother)
Voiced by
Kan Tanaka
2-3 years old (GDW)
3 years old (GDWO)
4 years old (G:TLW)

Hook is an Ōu soldier and a former pet dog.

Personality in the seriesEdit

Hook is a quite calm, humble and polite dog.

He was mocked by the neighbour dog, Golvy, but didn't get too angry by it, since he is a former wild dog and understands things much better than his neighbour.

Hook is seen to be helpful and gave food and information to Weed and Lenny. However, he mentioned he does this due to his hatred towards Blue, Ned and Bell.

As a pup, he was manipulated by Blue and his minions to be loyal and steal for them. He was extremely bitter towards them after they killed his brother but he developed fear towards them as a pup and was unable to face them due to this.

Eventually, he gathered his courage thanks to GB and Weed. He also leaves his life as a pet, as he never liked it. He is very thankful for Weed and promises to come to help him if he needs him.

Hook is quite brave and not afraid to stand for what is right. Still, he admits he was a bit afraid when John was killed.

Hook in Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit


Hook was abandoned as a puppy and, together with his brother Kuro, he joined the three rogue dogs named Blue, Ned, and Bell for protection. One day, Hook’s older brother questioned Blue about stealing and got killed for doing so. Hook ran away and became a pet in the town nearby.

When Hook met Weed, he felt courage run through his veins. He decided to take part in the battle with the three rogue dogs to avenge his brother's death. He gathered other town dogs and launched on an attack.

His mission succeeded when Blue ran out in front of a truck and got run over. Afterward, Hook returned to his owner but decided to follow Hōgen’s minions out of curiosity when they come to town to round up dogs. Hook hoped to be of use and gathered important information for Weed. Here he met Sasuke, whom he found out was also on Weed’s side.

Hook was a witness to the murder of the German Shepherd, John, and decided to join Weed’s group to defeat the tyrant Hōgen. Unlike the anime, he follows Weed's group together with Reika (who had been freed by Hiro, John, Lefty, Rossi, and Tommy) and Sasuke throughout the manga on their journey.

In the Hokkaidō arc, he served as a back-up leader for Weed when they rounded up the dogs for reinforcements to battle Victor and save Gin's pack.


250px-Hook happy-1-

Hook (GDW anime)

Formerly a pet, and a slave to Blue before that, he escaped and helped save Mer from Blue. He was working for Weed independently. One day, a month after the Monster's death, he was seen by Nero and was beaten by his dogs.

They kept beating him until Gin, John, and Akame came and saved him. At first, he mistook him for Weed, but realized that it was the father of Weed.

He was the one that told Gin about Weed, and helped Gin in secret during his imprisonment by Hōgen. He brought Reika to the hideout below Gajō after he witnessed John's death.

Ginga: The Last WarsEdit

Hook is among the dogs during their era of peace when Monsoon attacked and badly injured most of them, killing a few in the process. Hook fights the bears but is badly wounded and placed in a makeshift prison with the surviving dogs. After spending a few days in the prison, he notices Mole, the son of Oliver, digging through the floor to reach them.

Hook is supported by Mole as he takes him to a patch of forest where the rescued dogs are recovering from their wounds. Many days later, Hook and the rest of the dogs are rescued by Mole and his group. Barely able to walk due to injuries and being cramped in the prison for so long.

Shortly after, Hook and other Ou soldiers are resting in the grass during a storm.

See more pictures in Hook (Photo Gallery).

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