Hyōma is one of the eight canine warriors of Sirius.

He is a Metsu Warrior, adopted son of Reima and the heir of the Palace. He has the ability to raise mist from certain environments.


He is assumed to be either light brown or light gray in color.

He has fluffy cheeks like most wolves. He has white eyebrows and a mohawk on the top of his head like that of the Koga dogs.


Hyōma is aggressive, impatient and proud wolf.

He is a bit overly confident and tends to underestimate the enemy. He respects his father a lot and admires his fighting skills.

He is a bit racist towards dogs, at first.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Hyōma is a son of unknown couple of wolves and was adopted by Reima.

He was trained to use Metsu Hen'i Battōga and to raise mist.

When Hyōma and Retsuga kidnap Cross, it is Hyōma who covers their trail with mist.

Hyōma dislikes Gin and is very aggressive towards him at first. However, after Gin's pack decides to help Reima, Hyōma accepts him.

In the Underworld, Hyōma defeats the Metsu Warrior Gold Eye.

When Reima dies, Hyōma joins Gin's pack with Retsuga.


"The fate of the wolf kind won't be decided without asking from me!"
- Hyōma showing anger towards the fact that Gin would be accepted among them. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, volume 14


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  • Gold Eye is possibly his half-brother, as mentioned by Gold Eye himself in volume 17.

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