Hyakkiga is a one of the eight canine warriors of Sirius and Reima's minion.

He is a Ran Warrior, but this title is given to Kurotora. He is also the master of hiding.


Hyakkiga is a Japanese wolf, assumed to be pale brown in color. He wears an armor with snake-mask and spikes covered in poison.


Hyakkiga is slightly overly confident, as he was raised believing that his technique is unbeatable, just like the other Warriors.

Still, he longed to see the outside world and cried while doing so. He also seemed shocked and afraid when Noroi decided to kill him though he apparently knew it would happen.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Hyakkiga was trained by Noroi to use the Ran Daryushin-Battōga. Noroi created him an armor with poisonous spikes, to make his technique more effective.

He fights Kurotora and loses, and when he's on the ground, he gets struck by a sharp bamboo stick which Noroi threw at him due to his failure. The stick pierces Hyakkiga's body and his corpse was carried away by Retsuga's hurricane.

This was Hyakkiga's last request as he wished to see the world outside Reima's territory. Sadly, it seems he died before he could see the world.


"You can copy Battōga but you cannot learn it!"
- Hyakkiga as he fights Kurotora. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, volume 14

"I've never been outside this forest. I want to see what the world looks like outside the forest..."
- Hyakkiga's last wish. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, volume 14


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