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Hybrid Grizzly


Grizzly Bear/Polar Bear mix
First appearence
GDW vol 52
Last appearence
GDW vol 52
Deceased (Killed by Joe)
Family or owners
Hybrid Bear (father), Hybrid Polar Bear (brother)

He is the son of the biggest hybrid bear and brother of Hybrid Polar Bear.


The Hybrid Grizzly bear is presumed to be a mix between a grizzly bear and a polar bear. 

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

He was the one who killed Hitomi and three of her puppies, and caused Joe's scars. He also killed the owner of Liger's hunting pack. Both Joe and Liger want to kill the bear.

Later the bear loses three toes and one eye to Weed, Jerome and Lydia. Still, the bear manages to kill four of Liger's minions, and later attacks a couple on a boat. The bear is attacked by Weed, Joe and Liger's minions, but he manages to wound many dogs and kills Knuckle and Bell.

Finally, Joe manages to kill the giant bear with Neck the Killing. However, before dying, the bear calls for his father and he arrives to avenge his death.

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