Introduction Arc
Chapter 1 to Chapter 10
Episode 1 to Episode 8
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The Introduction Arc is the first sub arc of the Akakabuto Arc in the manga and anime series, Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin. In the anime it begins from Episode 1 to 8, in the manga it begins from chapter 1 to 10. It is mainly about Gin's birth and training as a puppy with his human friend, Daisuke.


Gin's birth and the loss of Riki

Gin is born to his mother, Fuji, and to Fuji's owners, Daisuke's parents, meanwhile, Takeda Gohei and his dog, Riki are hunting for Akakabuto when they come across him, a battle on the mountain begins and Gohai Takeda and Riki are trapped. Daisuke takes Gin to location to see his father, Gin is saved from Akakabuto by Riki but he is thrown down a cliff to his apparent death.

Gin's training

Shortly after those events, Takeda Gohei takes Gin and puts him through harsh training, although it is tough, Gin becomes very strong and begins to train with Daisuke, along the way they meet John who later becomes one of Gin's friends.

Battle against Akakabuto's mate

Gin and Daisuke go hunting for Akakabuto and run into his mate. Gin fights and get injured badly but with the help of Daisuke they kill the mate and go home.

The wild dogs

Shortly after these events, Gin finds a pack of wild dogs, this led to the Journey Arc