Jumbo is one of Yamato's closest friends.


Jumbo is an English Bulldog. He wear black eye patch on right side and have red spike collar.


He is brave, fearless and strong.

Shiroi Senshi YamatoEdit

When the match between Yamato and Big Hunter went crazy and began to make attacks people's throats. Jumbo attacked the Big Hunter, and saved the day. He and his owner spent the night at Ryo's house then they received a letter from someone challenge him to a fight and he agrees. Jumbo at first mistaken Yamato for a female dog.

He together with his owner Kosuke take part in the battle against Shishiryuu and his owner who bares a grudge.

Jumbo lost his left rear leg, his left eye, and both of his ears trying to defend Ryō from Black Satan, and Kosuke would have been willing to put Jumbo down, if it meant being alive would make him suffer.


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