Kōji (幸二)
Koji, Kouji, Kooji

Kouji GDWmvol30

Mixed Breed
First appearance
GDW vol. 30 chp. 3
Last appearance
GDW vol. 30 chp. 6
Family or owners
Unnamed mother, Mitsuo and Kōichi (brothers)
Name Meaning
Tradition or Origin
0 years old

Kōji is Kōichi and Mitsuo's brother. He is the middle one of the siblings. While not as brave as his big brother Kōichi, he is tougher than Mitsuo.

The siblings and their mother were chased by Shōgun's macaque minions and the mother sacrificed herself in order to give her puppies more time to escape. Luckily the puppies bump into Jerome. Even still the puppies soon get kidnapped by Shōgun's minions, but Yukimura saves them. After that, the brothers join Yukimura's pack and they were trained to kill monkeys. However, the training was interrupted by Jerome and Weed and presumably the puppies became friends with the macaques after Shōgun's defeat.

See more pictures in Kōji (Photo Gallery).

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