Kōsetsu (咬切)
Kosetsu, Kousetsu, Koosetsu


First Appearance
GDW:O volume 3, chpt 19
Last Appearance
GDW:O vol 30
Family or owners
Kurokirimaru and Tsumuji (brothers)
Meaning of name
Snow fall

Kōsetsu is a member of the Kurohabaki Clan. He has two brothers: Kurokirimaru and Tsumuji.

Kōsetsu is the one responsible for killing Masashige and helps his brother kill Kurohabaki Terumune. He travels the alps with his brothers as an assassin and kills anyone not willing to join the Kurohabaki clan. Recently, he fights Orion and the Ōu army, before being washed away by the strong current of a flood. He survived the flood by clinging to Orion, but his brothers drowned. He starts a fight with Orion before returing to Masamune.

See more pictures in Kōsetsu (Photo Gallery).

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