Kenta Sugawara is a young boy who lived with his parents.

He first appears when his father run over Shion. He grew attached to the puppy and decided to give them some food each day. Some bullies see him do this and were about to beat him up, only to be saved by Shion. As time goes by, Kenta grew more attached to Shion. Thanks to Shion's courage, Kenta stood up to the bullies when they came back with their dog, Rad. He fights off the bullies, going as far as to biting one in the arm.

Shion No Kaze

At the beginning of the story of two friends with Kenta and Shion. He calls his mother on the proposal Shion and Shion's mother, Shiro, even though in reality the dog's real name is Kinumaru. He begins to take food to them on a regular basis. Bullies are after him when he one day to feed the dogs. He remains outnumbered, but Shion arrives and attacks the boys attacked. Even that is not gonna do well for them, but to scare the arrival of the bullies and they run away. Later, Kenta and Yōsuke far to seek Shion, they find his mother, Kinumaru, have died in an unknown illness. They bury the body.

Kenta is weakened by his mother to the hospital with his older brother in the yard, He left his mother condition of collapse and she dies.

After this, Kenta far to see Shion, bullies do not become manifest once again the scene. They saw Shingo's dog, Rad attack Shion. Kenta can not help his friend, because the boys are holding to catch him. However, Shion fights bravely against Rad, and it gave Kenta a courage. He has Ōno crotches and then hits the ground, and Ryo give this space a few. Ono still trying to build a stick to strike from behind, when Kenta's father and big brother to step up and bullies run off crying.

After fight, Shion had disappeared from the scene to the dismay of Kenta. He had left off, and no longer appeared to be a boy. Kenta may no longer be seen Shion, but learned from this desire to become stronger and bolder. He will no longer cried as before and no longer tempted him.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Kenta and Yōsuke are seen in a cameo as Shion's reminiscence.


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