Tōkichirō Kinoshita is servent of Nobunaga Oda.

He's often nicknamed “monkey” because of his being and his looks.

Kacchu no Senshi Gamu

He takes Gamu and Rando to his master and asks him to let them join. After they’ve proven their worth, Tōkichirō is acknowlegded for bringing them to the clan.

Tōkichirō and Rando are sended into the attack army of Imagawa Yoshimoto's camp to spy on the enemy. After entertaining the soldiers, they run to the forrest to decide their next move. As they talk, the ganin Kusakage appears and kill one of Imagawa's spies.

He then joins his old master, Rando. After the battle against and death of Imagawa Yoshimoto, Rando leaves Kinoshita. He’s not seen in the manga again.