Kotobuki is the mother of Akame, Tomoyasu, KōgetsuToki, and Tetsu and the mate of Ōzaru, and Akame's ancestor. 


Kotobuki is a solid red Kishu-inu. She has long eyelashes on her eyes.


She's as brave as any ninja dog, sees great potential her son Akame when he is the first one to open his eyes.

Ginga Densetsu Akame

At the beginning of the story, in 1579, Kotobuki has given birth to five puppies: Hakutaka, Tomoyasu, Kōgetsu, Toki, and Tetsu.

Ryōju, Ōzaru, Benimaru and Kuma left into the woods, Kihē binds Kotobuki's neck and sent her to carry a message to the upper ninjas. Kotobuki collides Sadamitsuu returning to. They discuss the message, followed by Kotobuki's return trip home. When they rest, she sees coming slowly toward the stove Hakutaka and surprised that the puppy is able to already see.

Later, when the Koga Ninjas attack, Kotobuki is to defend the buildings. Assigned to flee with the puppies, Kaede, Taichi and Kuma leave through the secret passage. They all survived the battle alive.

Kotobuki is now in a small role in the story and sees him involved in the fighting, although she is said to be able to fight a ninja dog.