Kusakage is a ganin of the Kagero clan, a servant of lord Eda and under the command of Gamu. He is also known as “The blue samurai” and is extremely fast.


Kusakage is very loyal and trustworthy.

Kacchū no Senshi Gamu

Kusakage is the first to discover that there's something wrong when Ryuugen's brother Gennosuke enters their village, because the man has no scent. As Gennosuke attacks Ryuugen, Kusakage tries to protect him, but is smashed to the ground. He is then ordered by Gamu to take out Gama's minions who's attacking outside.

When he sees his master, Ryūgen commit suicide after being stabbed by one of Gama's minions, Kusakage jumps into the flames to try and save his master.

Kusakage doesn’t appear again until Rando and Gamu has joined the Nobunaga clan. Here he kills of one of the intruding army of imagawa's spies, and join up with his old master, Rando.