Lobo is Nozomi Tachibana's dog. She is the mother of Askari.


Lobo is brown and black German Shepherd and wear chain collar.


She meets a rare wild Newfoundland wolf in the mountains of Alaska. They fall in love and mate. Askari is born later on after Lobo returned to her master.

One night, a group of poachers attack their home, start a fire and kill Nozomi's friend, a local chief. Lobo is shot when she tries to protect her owner.

Despite her wounds, Lobo bravely drags her son, owner and even her owner's dead friend out of their flaming house. She dies afterwards and Askari gets her collar as a memorial. This sparks Askari's need for vengance.


See more pictures in Lobo/Gallery.


  • Her name is quite strange, as "lobo" is the Spanish for a male wolf, while this dog a female.

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