Mari is a saluki-mix that appears right after the Hokkaidō Arc in GDW.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

In the past, her owners have abandoned her in the wild and she struggled to survive. Eventually, she gave birth three pure breed salukis and she was very happy. However, her son called Shōta got caught by human and was put in a shelter with other older dogs. Unfortunately, her stolen son was a few days old and could only drink his mother's milk. To prevent her imprisoned child from starvation, Mari hid her two other children in a broken pipe line, where nobody could find them, and she regularly feeds her child in the shelter only at night.

But one day, the man who had took her child saw her and struck her so badly that she had fallen into unconsciousness. As she woke up, she was so weak that she could barely walk. Luckily for her, Weed and Rocket have found her and they gladly helped her retrieve her two children. During the night, Weed and his comrades cunningly tricked the shelter keeper and they freed all the dogs who had been caught, including Mari's third child. Mari was very grateful to Weed and his friends for what they had done for her and she and her children stayed with the Ōu soldiers from that day on.