Mel No Tabidachi is the second chapter of Ginga Densetsu Weed Gaiden, focusing on the Golden Retriever Mel.


While digging throug the garbage for food, Mel is spotted by a house dog called Jodie. She greets him warmly, inviting him into her yard and offering him food from her dish. As they talk, Mel reveals his intentions of journeying to Ou and finding Weed. It is at that point that the boy from Jody's family spots Mel and chases him away. Before he leaves, Mel thanks Jody for her kindness and resumes his journey.

Later in the night, Jody's family takes her along on a trip. When they take a detour - coincidentally along the same road that Mel is on - they encounter two death-row criminals who had escaped from prison. One of the criminals attacks Jody with a wrench, and Mel is knocked aside when he tries to defend her. Taking Jody's family as hostages, the criminals get in the car and drive away. Although badly injured, Jody directs Mel to call on her friends from the Seigi, an organization formed by house dogs to help one another better protect humans.

The Seigi assemble quickly, and upon understanding the situation set forth to rescue the hostages. Mel follows them, and they allow him to help even though he is a stray. When Mel jumps in through a window to defend the hostages, the Seigi takes advantage of the distraction to ambush the criminals. After castrating them, the dogs leave and allow the police to take it from there.

The family returns safely home, and Jody is sent to the animal hospital to recover. The television broadcasts the news about the criminals' capture, although unable to explain what had happened to them. The Seigi dogs acknowledge Mel for his courage during the rescue, and invite him to join their ranks. Mel graciously declines and continues on his way toward Ou.