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Mirko (ミルコ)


Hōgen's pack
First appearance
GDW manga Vol 19 chpt 6
Last appearance
GDW manga vol. 19 chpt 7
Unknown (assumed deceased)
Family or owners
No information
Name Meaning
Slavic name

Mirko was a platoon leader candidate and minion of Hōgen.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Mirko is from Italy joined Hōgen together with Batto, Kite, Buruge, Tōbē, Jaw and Kintarō. He is one of the dogs who participated in the contest in order to become worthy as Hōgen's platoon leader.
After the match, he was not seen again in the manga, it is implied that he did not survive from the match. Unlike the other generals, he was nowhere to be seen in both the match and the flashbacks in the anime which is also implied that one of the generals had already killed him off.

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