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Mustang is a fighting dog and Canada's World Championship representative. He is skilled at fighting underwater, but not very good above it. He almost defeated Yamato by drowning him.


Mustang is a grey labrador retriever dog. He has light eyes with black corneas. Mustang has dark markings around his muzzle and small markings over his eyes. He has a thick tail which he uses for steering under water.

Shiroi Senshi Yamato

He appears for the first time when he's the opponent of Yamato.

He appears weak and awkward at first, not being able to dodge Yamato's attacks. However, when Yamato attacks him again after some hits, Mustang grabs him by the neck and dives underwater with Yamato, firmly biting his leg.

Yamato tries to attack Mustang by biting his neck, but soon lets go, trying to swim to the surface for oxygen. Mustang then grabs the escaping Yamato by the leg once again, until Yamato finally loses consciousness. Mustang wants to make sure that he'd defeated him, so he grabs the throat of him, and violently whips Yamato back and forth. He stops, and dive to the bottom, Yamato still unconscious. When Yamato then starts to bleed heavily, Mustang lets go and dives up to the surface.

He slinks up from the water, but after coming up, he notices that the water is whirling. Yamato jumps up, and performs the Boomerang Sappou, and his neck rolling on Mustang, making him roll around, and fall into the water, making Mustang defeated.