Noroi is the younger brother of Juga, the mentor of Reima's eight canine warriors of Sirius, and the murderer of Retsuga's mother.



Noroi is a very cunning and cruel wolf.

He kills any wolf he finds useless, like failed soldiers and Retsuga's mother. He is manipulative of his apprentices.

He was power-hungry but also cowardly, though in the end he sacrificed himself for the others.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Apparently, Noroi once belonged to the Empire, but eventually left and joined the Palace. He trained the Canine Warriors found by Reima and knows the weaknesses of every Battōga. Noroi killed Hyakkiga for not defeating Kurotora.

Noroi worked for Mugen and told him where Reima's Palace is in hopes of gaining power or at least staying alive. However, Mugen found him useless after this and tried to kill him by cutting his paw off. Noroi survived this and returned to Reima.

Noroi was believed to be a traitor by many but not by Reima. He followed Reima's army and swam to Hokkaidō where he sacrificed himself by jumping into Thousand Dragon's trick gate and getting crushed by his 1000 servants. While dying, Noroi admits he revealed Reima's hideout to Gaia's army.


"The life of the canine warrior ends when he loses to the user of the same technique!"
- Noroi just before he kills Hyakkiga. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, volume 14


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  • Though not seen in the manga, it's confirmed that he too can control his mane like his older brother, but didn't use it in fighting. However, he used it to create Hyakkiga's snake armour.

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