Volume 1

I know, you old hag!
- Orion to Cross. GDWO, Chapter 1

What's mine is mine, and what's your's is also mine!
- Orion to his siblings. GDWO, Chapter 1

What's this? You're so pathetic. It's two on two, right? Just take them down!
- Orion to Heizō and Taichi, who fear thair opponents. GDWO, Chapter 5

Oops, I feel like I need to poop after yelling out so much. Wait, I gotta take a dump before I fight you!
- Orion to Shirō and Yōji. GDWO, Chapter 5

"Don't you dare underestimate me just because I'm smaller!!"
- Orion to Yōji, while he attacks him. GDWO, Chapter 6

"No... I promised my uncle that I'll never give in to bullies!"
- Orion facing overnumbered enemies. GDWO, Chapter 6

"Remember, my name's Orion! I live to hunt evil guys!"
- Orion to Shinkichi and his pack. GDWO, Chapter 7

Volume 2

"The family you were chasing around jumpet into this river with thair lives on the line! If you jump down there and are desperate enough, maybe your life will be spared too. Then you will understand thair pain a bit."
- Orion to Shinkichi, shortly before falling into the river. GDWO, Chapter 8

"I don't care if you forgive me or not! I'm the one who won't forgive you, idiot!"
- Orion to Shinkichi, jumping after him into the river. GDWO, Chapter 8

"I'm not sure... But either way, it was my fault. He hit a log in the river and got stuck underwater. I'm small, so I got through. He got stuck there and that was it. Heh, not my problem... It's his own fault!"
- Orion explaining Shinkichi's death. GDWO, Chapter 10

"What? What's wrong? Stop that! I don't remember doing anything to deserve this!"
- Orion to Chōrō and his pack, which lower thair heads for him. GDWO, Chapter 10

"What are you saying, old pops? I have to find my dad!"
- Orion to Chōrō, after he didn't wanted to allow him to leave. GDWO, Chapter 10

"They left their boss behind , they're just a bunch of gutless cowards. They're not scary at all!"
- Orion talking about Shinkichi Hanajiro's pack. GDWO, Chapter 10

"Don't say things like that! My dad is alive! Mom, my siblings and my friends too. They're just hiding somewhere!"
- Orion disclaims Chōrō's statement about his family and friends. GDWO, Chapter 11

"Just be quiet, old man. I said no!"
- Orion's reaction to Chōrō's will to stop him from leaving. GDWO, Chapter 11

"No! I'm... Who was it? Ah! The kid of the idiot Heizō from Fukushima!"
- Orion making fun of Heizō. GDWO, Chapter 11

"You're just going to ignore me after stomping on me?! And you call yourself an adult?!"
- Orion to Ryō and his pack, after they accidentaly stomped on him in the snow. GDWO, Chapter 13

"I'll make you apologize! Meanies like you!"
- Orion to Ryō and his pack, shortly before they capture him. GDWO, Chapter 13

"I won't forget your faces! The next time we meet, I'll return the favor for sure!"
- Orion to Ryō and his pack. GDWO, Chapter 13

"I don't care what you guys say! I won't give up! I'll believe that dad and the others are still alive, until I see it with my own eyes!"
- Orion Heizō and Tyson. GDWO, Chapter 15

Volume 3

"Idiot, I can't leave him out there! How can you just let that happen to him?!"
- Orion to Heizō and Tyson, while they're watching Yamabiko get killed. GDWO, Chapter 16

"But why would it have to be a secret if they didn't do anything wrong?"
- Orion questioning Kojūrō's and Yamabiko's secret. GDWO, Chapter 16

"Why hide it? We're friends already! If you're keeping secrets from me, that's not how friends are."
- Orion to Yamabiko, who can't share his secret with him. GDWO, Chapter 18

"Yeah, you're right, sorry. I was hiding something too, as you said. I guess I don't have any right to ask about your origins too!"
- Orion to Yamabiko, after he noticed that he also had secrets from him. GDWO, Chapter 18

"That's what I'm talking about!" "The Ouu army needs to teach those bastard bears a lesson!!"
- Orion to Unsai Ginga: The Last Wars chpt 52

"Izou! Give me the sickle"
- Orion to Izou Ginga: The Last Wars chpt 81

"If this fails, it's all over"
- Orion's thoughts Ginga: The Last Wars chpt 87

"You are not my brother anymore, Bastard!"
- Orion to Sirius Ginga: The Last Wars chpt 94

"Oh Yeah...It's Grampa Gin owner. He's our godfather."
- Orion to Rigel Ginga: The Last Wars chpt 97