Pavlov (バブロフ)


German Shepherd Dog
Russian Army Dogs (Victor's platoon)
First appearance
GDW Vol 41, page 49
Last appearance
GDW Vol 41, page 69
Deceased (killed by Gin and Musashi)
Name Meaning
Son of Pavel (in Russian)

Pavlov is one of the Russian Army dogs working under the platoon leader Victor.

Because of his minor role in the story, Pavlov was never featured prominently, however he did appear often with the other Russian army dogs.

Gin has come to revenge Hakurō's death. Suzaku comes out of Gin's pack and starts shouting at the Russians. Tesshin tries to stop him by biting his tail. Victor gets irritated and tells Pavlov to kill Suzaku off.

Pavlov attacks but Gin bites him in the neck and throws him in the air. When he's falling, Musashi also grabs him by the neck and shakes him from side to side until he dies.


Due to Yoshihiro Takahashi's mistake, this character is called Sergei at first. There is another character called Sergei, different from Pavlov.

See more pictures in Pavlov (Photo Gallery).

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