This article is about the dog. For the monkey, see Pepe.

Pepe is a low ranking soldier belonging to Hōgen's platoon.


Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Pepe boasts that he can bite like a snapping turtle and attempts to show everyone by trying to kill Shōji while he was fighting with his brothers against Genba, but is quickly defeated.

Shōji remarks that "A snapping turtle could do better!" Insulted, Pepe retreats back to Genba's side of the battle field.


  • It is possible that Pepe is a GDW anime only character because in the manga his name is never mentioned, so he could possibly be in the manga, but only with a very short role as a soldier for Hōgen. Either way, after this short appearance in episode 13 of the GDW anime, he is never seen again, but is assumed to be alive because he was never seen being killed and there is never any further details on his current condition.

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