Ram is a collie mix from Hokkaidō.



Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

One day the Hokkaidō brothers Seiryū, Genbu, Suzaku and Byakko leave Ram to take care of their friend Jerome. Ram takes Jerome inside a barn, where he can rest and heal.

When Jerome feels strong enough to go back, Ram follows him just in case something would happen. However, Jerome knocks him unconscious and leaves him in the long grass. When Ram discovers the death of the Hokkaidō brothers, Hakurō and the captivation of Jerome, he runs to find aid.

During his search, he witness Viktor force the remaining part of Hakurō's pack off a cliff and into certain death. As he reaches the borders of Hokkaidō, he meets Suzaku and Gin's pack. He then tells him the horrible news of Hakurō's, his sons' and the pack's deaths. Gin sends out Ram to find Weed. However, Ram finds Hiro, Reika and Rocket and they decide that since Rocket is the fastest, he must go to find Weed instead.

Ram works as a Samaritan during the Hokkaidō plot. He protects the young and inexperienced at his owner's farm and brings dogs wounded from battle to the village nearby for humans to aid and heal them.


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