Rando is the son of Ryuugen and Sayaka. He's a member of the Kagero clan and Gamu's master. Even though he's just a young boy, Rando has special powers and can communicate with Gamu and his pack via telekinese.



Kacchū no Senshi Gamu

When Gennosuke enters their home, Rando is very suspicious about him. After everone has gone to sleep, he and Kusakage goes to check up on Gennosuke, but discovers that he's gone. Quickly he rushes to warn his father about the traitor. After Gennosuke has been vanquised, Rando and his faithful ganins fight Gama's minions who attacks their village. However, he loses everything in the battle. His father commits suicide, his mother is taken away for protection and two of his ganins, Shiba and Kusakage disappear in the attempt of saving his father. Rando now stays with Gamu, but they keep low profile until they meet Kinoshita Toukichirou of the Nobunaga clan, whom they join to get revenge over Gama.

Rando and Kinoshita are sended into the attack army of Imagawa Yoshimoto's camp to spy on the enemy. After entertaining the soldiers, they run to the forrest to decide their next move. As they talk, Kusakage appears and kill one of Imagawa's spies. He then joins his old master.

After the battle against and death of Imagawa Yoshimoto, he leaves Kinoshita and the Nobunaga clan to furfill his duties as leader of the Kagero – to murder the evil Gama. He teams up with Gama's old minions, his old pal Motege Jujiro and his dear ganin Shiba. Together, they kill Yamamoto Kansuke and puts Motege in a disguise similar to Yamamoto Kansuke.

They send him into Gama's area to set up a trap for Gama. However, Motege's cover is blown and the final fight between the two clans begin. At first, he rides on Gamu's back and together they fight Gama. However, as he realises he’s slowing Gamu down, he releases his grip and let’s Gamu fight alone. After the death of Gama, Rando burries his enemy.


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