This article is about the dog. For the squirrel, see Rara (SSY).
Rara (羅々)

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Kishu Inu
First appearance
GDW:O Vol.1 chpt 7
Last appearance
No information
Family or owners
Name Meaning
羅 (ra) is a type of silk

Rara is one of Akame's grandchildren and the younger brother of Shirozaru and Muu.


He is solid red Kishu Inu.


With hearing great stories of their grandfather Akame and their ancestors. Rara like his brothers greatly admires and deeply respects Akame. He is also quite understanding when their mother forbid them from looking for Akame in hopes of keeping the next generation of the Iga clan alive.

He has a bit of a tendency to jump to conclusions.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: OrionEdit

During the war against the Kougas, Akame decided to adopt all Iga puppies younger than 6 months of age as his own, which included Rara's mother. He made them swear to never return as an Iga ninja dog. After news about the volcanic eruption in Ouu, Akame is believed to be dead and he is allowed to go.

Rara travels with his brothers Shirozaru and Muu. He first encounters an Ouu soldier when traveling through the snow to seek out their grandfather. The Ouu soldier they encounter with is Sasuke, who is in trouble with Kamakiri's sons. When Akakamakiri tried to attack Shirozaru, he grabbed Sasuke, and, along with Muu and Rara, did a ninja jump, kicking snow in the evil soldier's faces. His brother asked Sasuke to lead them to the shed to help protect Weed's pups. But when they got there, the pups were nowhere in sight. Rara and his cousins offer to help Sasuke round up the pups, and they set out to find them. The first pup they encounter with is Bella, who is nearly kidnapped by an evil dog. Izou and his brothers are also there to help.

Ginga: The Last WarsEdit

Rara accompanies his brothers to Ou when they hear about Monsoon attacking the Ou Army. The three dogs find Cross under the care of Daisuke and hear about the situation in full. When Cross notices Bob spying on them, she sends the brothers to chase after him and they succeed in catching up to him to question his motives. Bob escapes them once again and they chase him to the prison where the Ou dogs are being kept. The brothers help fend off the bears with Ogasawara Gennai and Zion.

After the bears flee Rara ask his brother if they've lost and he was told by Shirozaru that the fight isn't over yet and not to jump to conclusions.


See more in Rara (Photo Gallery).

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