This article is about the squirrel. For the dog, see Rara.
Rara (羅々)


Siberian Flying Squirrel
No information
First appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato Vol 11
Last appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato Vol 11
Deceased (killed by Usabu Kentaro)
Family or Owners

Rara is a gigantic flying squirrel (About the size of a dog) which the boy, Usabu Kentaro, considered "as his pet and his friend". Rara lived in the forest and being still relatively small, it robbed food from a near village of puppies. When Rara grew the increasingly big threat and danger began to develop gradually from it to everybody. Usabu Kentaro killed it before the squirrel lost its temper and started to kill all of them.

See more pictures in Rara (SSY) (Photo Gallery)

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