Red Bull was one of Gaia’s eight canine warriors of darkness.

In Meteor Gin, he is described as looking more fierce than he actually is.


He is believed to be reddish in colour, hence his name. He has black grin-like markings around his mouth, but also black markings shaped like curves at the corner of his eyes, and a black stripe on his forehead.

The skin around his muzzle has been ripped away, possibly by his mentor Juga to make his technique stronger.

His eyes are light-coloured, with big irises and small pupils. The eye style varies, sometimes he only has small pupils, without iris.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

He was trained to be a canine warrior of Sirius. Just like the other eight warriors of Gaia, he believed he was a true canine warrior.

He awaits Gin's groups arrival with Black Snake. He never fights and his technique isn't seen because Juga interrupts the fight between the two groups before it's his turn.
When he tries to stop Gin from following Juga, he is knocked aside and eventually defeated by Raiga, Sakon and Ukon.

He is not seen again after this and likely died during the earthquake which destroyed the Underworld.


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