Rick is one of Kyōshirō's comrades. 


Rick is a bicoloured black-and-white dog. His ears are pricked, and his eyes are sharp in shape with small black pupils. He has white cheeks, chest, legs, belly and tail, and also has a completely white muzzle with dots above his eyes.


Ginga Densetsu Weed

Hōgen Arc

When Kyoushiro and Weed were fighting they heard a shout in the distance. They ran to find Hatch and Rick who both had been attacked by Thunder and Lecter.

They were about to get killed, but Rocket and GB came to the scene and drove off dobermans. Kyoshiro and Weed's packs of running as soon as shouts, led by the scene. When Lecter and the Thunder had defeated, Rick and Weed joined the leaders involved in the expedition.

Later, Weed decided to leave Rick and the other the youngest puppies in the care of The Kōga Elder, so they do not perish in the battle Hōgen against. When most of the puppies slept and Weed expedition was leaving, Rick and Teru woke up and went secretly to watch the departure of the expedition. Rick scolded Teru crying and The Kōga Elder had to take care of the puppies and taught them ninjutsu.

Hokkaidō Arc

Later Kyoshiro applied for Rick and the puppies grown up to help in the battle Russian military dogs against.

Hybrid Bear Arc

Rick also took part in the battle against the hybrid bears.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

Rick and Ou army have caught in the volcanic eruption. He survives and is one of the Ou army Kurohabaki Jinemon locks the mine.

The Ouu Army

Later, the dogs are released and they participate in the final battle Kurohabaki Masamune against the troops.

Rick, Futoshi, and Kyoshiro's underground are involved in this when he attacks Matheus believing he is Kurohabaki Masamune.


  • Yoshihiro Takahashi has apparently made some kind of error, since the first appearance of Rick is much older-looking than the others.
  • His design is identical to Bomb in the Hybrid Bear arc, but Rick doesn't have a collar.