In Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit

The Supreme Commander of the Ohu soldiers was Gin's father Riki, and the second in command was the general, Sniper. The Ohu soldiers were divided into 12 platoons.

-First platoon: Ben (leader)

-Second platoon: Great (leader)

-Third platoon: Smith (leader)

-Fourth platoon: unknown

-Fifth platoon: Terry (leader)

-Sixth platoon: unknown

-Seventh platoon: unknown

-Eighth platoon: Karasu (leader)

-Ninth platoon: unknown

-Tenth platoon: unknown

-Eleventh platoon: Luke (leader)

-Twelfth platoon: unknown

When Riki ordered the ohu soldiers to look for fighters, he divided the 12 platoons in 4 groups. The first, second and third platoons were send South. The fourth,fifth and sixth platoons were send North. The seventh,eighth and ninth platoons were send West. The tenth,eleventh and twelfth platoons were send East.

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