Rocca (Rocker in the Finnish translation) is one of the contract killers of Jerome.


Rocca was a devoted and fearless dog.

In Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden mentions that he was the most quiet dog of the contract killer group. He always had a stern expression, which made him seem a bit scary to GB.

Ginga Densetu Weed

Monster Arc

Rocca first turns up in Jerome's gang consisting of Robert, Heuler, North, and himself. After North's death, Kaibutsu comes out and Robert is the first to attack. As Robert takes a chunk of flesh from Kaibutsu's chest, he falls to the ground, dead. Rocca races toward P4 and spears into the wound Robert created.

Kaibutsu drags him off, using his own power as Rocca clings onto the piece of flesh. Kaibutsu pulls him off but also yanks part of his skin off too. Rocca is then thrown into Weed as Weed dashes ahead to stop them. Rocca dies instantly.


  • Rocca's name has been debated over time; however, Rocca's name in the manga is spelled out in katakana as ロッカ (rokka), while "locker" and "rocker" would be spelled ロッカー (rokkaa). As well in Meishōbu Retsuden it's spelled Rocca in rōmaji.