This article is about the Shikoku Inu. For the pitbull, see Ryō (GDWO). For the human, see Ryō Fujiwara.
Ryo, Ryou, Ryoo


Shikoku Inu
Ōu (Jerome's assistant)
First appearence
GDW Ep. 18
Last appearence
GDW Ep. 26
Family or owners
Ryū, Hanji, Heita (brothers)
Meaning of Name

Ryō is the sister of Ryū, Hanji and Heita who helped Jerome after he was banished by Weed. She is only one female of Jerome's assistants and only appears in the anime.

Near the end of the anime, after her leader, Jerome, died from drowning in the river (and sacrificed himself to save Weed), she and her brother Ryū attacked Hōgen out of anger. However, they failed when Hōgen killed Ryū immediately, while Ryō got hurt and was nearly taken hostage. Fortunately, Weed came just in time to make Hōgen let her go, after Weed made a deal that he and Hōgen must fight in a showdown without anyone interfering. In the end, after Hōgen was defeated, Ryō, Hanji and Heita survive in this story.

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